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Thanks for your interest in listing a venue on the sustainable food app, fair food forager.

You can use this form to provide the information we need to list the venue. Submitting this information will improve the usefulness to our users. Note: you can also suggest venues by using the app "check in" button inside the create tab.

We will review this information and determine the appropriate icons. Our ratings are based on publicly available information only until we can ‘verify’ the venue.

For more info on how Fair Food Forager rates venues please click on “APP”.

You can easily see at what level of sustainability the venue is at by running through this easy online form, especially beneficial to food businesses. 

Time to complete: 5min

Venue Suggestion Form

Business Name
Business Email
Physical Address
Brand Website Url
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Social Meadia
Describe venue in 8 - 20 words. What’s the first thing you’d like us to tell our users about the venue?
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