When weak leaders activate community

11 Oct 2018 When weak leaders activate community

Looking at the latest controversy with the Sydney Opera House I’m remined that if we are going to achieve anything great, it is certainly going to be up to us. Don’t expect it from your elected representatives. You already knew that of course but this is another reminder of how un-representative they really are. 

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I avoid the news like the plague these days, yet I still manage to somehow hear about the ridiculous priorities of those employed to represent us. Highest bidder, most influence or the best post political board role on offer gets the guernsey. 

It is as if they live in Atlantis the lost city, a bubble detached from the real world where dollars represent all life. Neatly tucked away without the effects of pollution, climate change and anything you as an actual human deal with on a daily basis.

The “monash” group are obviously living in an alternate universe to the 64,000 people employed in the Great Barrier Reef and hadn't heard of the $6.4billion that the natural wonder was generating for the Australian economy. Just one example of being "out of touch".

There is something great about all this. Whether its advertising gambling on the opera house or bringing a lump of coal into parliament, there is zero connection with what is actually needed. And it’s motivating people all across the country to start grass roots organisations, companies that do good or simply to live more sustainable lives. Australia is not unique as this appears to be a trend globally.

Times are changing, things are happening, its catching on and we are starting to move in the right direction. Every time you open your eyes you see another interesting business, cool innovation or speak to someone living with less waste. 

It leads to an interesting question; 

If leaders were doing a lot, would it generate complacency in the community as we expect someone else to fix it?


Does having useless leaders lead to increased community action?

Eventually we will be represented by politicians that are real people unmoved by puppet masters of greed. So until we find our real leaders, thank you to the nutters currently running the show, for showing us that change is up to all of us and we are showing them how it’s done. 

Paul Hellier - Founder

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