Here comes Green Dining

12 Jun 2018 Here comes Green Dining

Re-imagining the value of waste for businesses 

From making barista milk ricotta to carrot frond garnish, Leftover Lover’s new Green Dining project has hit Melbourne’s food businesses with an impressive bang. Founder Jessie Alice, and Lynton Tapp (Masterchef, My Market Kitchen) whilst exchanging notes noticed a startling pattern in the food industry. Business owners and staff aren’t recognising the potential of food waste and the benefits to their business.

Jess and Lynton

Enter Green Dining, a new initiative helping cafes, restaurants, produce stores, bars, pubs, and any other food venture imaginable, save money, reduce CO2 emissions, and get creative with waste.

Having been in the works for some time, Jessie and Lynton have taken a leap trialing Green Dining with Home.One cafe in Brunswick to much success. Working with Crepes for Change/Home.One founder Kirsten Pannenkoek, Green Dining is now using this positive start to scout out local government opportunities to create a low cost program for food businesses looking to get on Melbourne environmentalist’s and conscience foodies minds. 

Founded on the believe that waste reduction should be fun while allowing businesses to focus on what matters, the Green Dining program is ‘making food good’ Creating an accreditation system to map out food businesses successfully reducing waste. 

The program includes mapping out habits through a series of in-depth audits, which are then used to tailor a program to help the locale reduce waste, and be creative whilst doing it. Workshops, which have been tried and tested by the patrons of Queen Victoria Market, South Melbourne Market, Sustainable Living Festival (to name a few), are then held for front and back of house staff on topics such as pickling, preserving, composting and much more. 

Badge Badge

Attention is also focussed on buying local, linking in businesses with growers and producers in the area, creating a network for sustainable food business practice. 

Creating a sustainable food business requires innovative ideas and knowhow, something that this duo are constantly exploring. Holding the goals of reducing waste, caring for staff, and saving money. Green Dining is putting the call out to those wanting the support and promotion of their sustainable business.

Green Dining is collaborating with fair food forager to grow a community of conscious consumers and the food venues whom are on the same page. Celbrating beautiful food that is good for us and good for the planet. Who wouldn't want that?

Register your food business for Green Dining here and we will talk to you soon.

Paul Hellier - Founder

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