Finding Sustainable Food

30 Aug 2018 Finding Sustainable Food

Have you downloaded the fair food forager app 2.0 yet? 

Searching food venues that deserve your money, businesses trying to reduce their impact on the planet and chatting to or sharing images with people just like you. An ethical food directory that is also a little like #instagramforgreenies

If you have an Android mobile phone, our app is still under construction, apologies but we are getting there. It is available to download and you can search food venues and get a feel for the look and what it does. You can still follow people and post in text.

If you have an iPhone, join in on the discussion, post images and search, rate and share ethical food options.

Left to right;

1. Download in the Appstore

2. You see the feed and can search for ethical food

3. Login with Facebook, Twitter or Email

4. Now you can start posting, rating and commenting on everything within

Here are some tips for iPhone users who are looking to support businesses that deserve their money while sharing images with like-minded people. 

1. Set your profile image by touching the profile image space

2. Set your cover / background image by touching the background image space

3. Adjust your settings including your profile name using the settings cog icon in your profile

4. Turn on location services in your phone settings and use the near me "green" pin in the top right from the "explore" button. You can also filter your search by highlighting the icons at the top. ie. Search Ocean Friendly venues near you by touching the Ocean Friendly icon and the near me pin at the same time.

1. Choose a cafe, restaurant, grocer, bar, bakery, caterer, or supplier you like, you can use the map to locate the venue or get in touch with them with social buttons, phone and email inside the listing

2. Touch the icons for an explanation

3. After trying the venue, rate and comment on your experience and give them some love

4. You can forward the venue or a post from the feed to a friend using the "share" buttons throughout the app

1. Scroll through the feed, like and comment on posts

2. Create your own post using the "create" tab, or check in at a venue using the "check in" button. If we don't have the venue it will be sent to us as a user suggestion, so tell us why you like it. You can use #hashtags and @username to engage others or flag something you would like others to see.

3. Search a place, a type of food or a venue in the search bar

4. Search a person, a business profile, or a post in the search bar by choosing either "top", "users" or "posts" to find what you want

5. You can follow the person by tapping the + symbol inside the profile or by searching other users "followers" and "following"

There is more to come, maps, help finding friends inside the app and posting of videos or links. One step at a time though we are getting there and its a lot of fun, so jump on with us and tag us in your posts #instagramforgreenies #fairfoodforagerapp 

Paul Hellier - Founder

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