Consciousness and disobedience

03 Jan 2019 Consciousness and disobedience

2019 has started and the snowball is getting bigger! Bans on single-use plastic, including light weight plastic bags and Styrofoam already taking effect or about to this year in BaliLuxembourgSouth Korea and New York City. (As of today this is all I know of – but there are likely others)

This is all happening because people like you have woken up to the damage done by single-use plastic and they have spoken up to put pressure on governments and business. For the first time in history we are the media and we can quickly and easily ask those in power to change.


If there was 1 New Year’s resolution, it would be the importance of consciousness. To be conscious of how you think, feel, treat others and interact with the planet. What you do is what you get back, a smile, an offer of assistance, gratitude, it will come back to you tenfold. If we can collectively direct our energy on how we think and how we interact with the world in a positive direction, we can do anything. 

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Unconsciously accepting mountains of waste is no longer the only option, be conscious of your choices and know that there are alternatives. Call out a politician, or a company and ask for change, you have just as much right to question them as anyone.

I don’t mean tagging a business on Facebook because your favourite muffin went up by 20c, I mean using it for what matters, injustice, cruelty or damage to the environment. Holding governments and business to account, asking them to stop damaging our future and our children’s future.

Civil disobedience

With the momentum we are currently seeing, now is the time for a little disobedience. Every invention, event, anything, began with a thought. In fact most freedoms we enjoy began with a little disobedience, “it’s the rules", or "I’m just doing my job” doesn’t always cut it. History shows that many injustices were based around the "rules", and change required someone to be conscious, to stand up and say “no more”. 

I was recently accused of bullying a shopping centre after calling them out for allowing balloons to enter the environment after I found one 90kms away. The company actually agreed to change their use of balloons that day. Though what did stand out was just how many people didn’t realise balloons could travel so far. Showing the benefits to speaking up may not be obvious at the time.

I am sure the discussion around destructive single-use plastic will be irrelevant in a few years as the whole debate becomes part of history. Though this can only happen if we take action now. 

So fill out a feedback form, visit a company, write to a politician, hand back the unnecessary packaging and use social media to ask a government to legislate or a company to think differently. Make it public, educate, talk to a group, provide solutions and always be nice.

In 2019 lets end plastic pollution;

Step 1. Consider the impact. If you see a problem, sometimes you will be able to swap it, avoid it or tell someone about it.

Step 2. Don’t just accept it, often there is nothing holding back change! What if no one had noticed the need until you brought it up?

Paul Hellier – Founder

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