Clean the coast – Why you should be doing clean ups

04 Apr 2019 Clean the coast – Why you should be doing clean ups

This autumn / winter we are teaming with Ash Grunwald and Earth Bottles on the #cleanthecoast tour, travelling the east coast, cleaning beaches while Ash plays the shows.

While we are aware that this is just a “drop in the ocean” with regards to cleaning up our oceans and environment of such a massive global problem. It is nevertheless extremely important to keep this up. 

Reason number 1 – ONE animal saved from a slow death or 1 human not effected by plastic in the food chain makes your clean-up extremely worthwhile. 

Reason number 2 - The task ahead

We are starting to see governments, businesses and individuals reducing single-use plastic use through changes in behaviour, sourcing and bans. While the leak of plastic pollution into the environment needs to be completely shut off before we start winning the clean-up. On a local level we are making a difference to the places we love. Over the years I have noticed a reduction in the plastic collected on a daily basis at my local beach and perhaps a reason for this is that there is now less plastic trapped in the sand after many years of not allowing it to get trapped in the first place.

Reason number 3 – Raising awareness 

As we all clean-up we are collectively helping to raise further awareness. Whether it be the people who attend the clean-ups, the people who notice our strange bower bird behaviours or the local councils and companies we can inform of the plastics that are commonly collected. It is all combining to further the reduction of plastics into the environment.

Reason number 4 – Its actually good fun and is good for you

You will see some amazing things being in nature, birds, little creatures while you forage for rubbish and maybe even a dolphin or whale. And of course you will be likely having a great time chatting to friends, meeting people and having a laugh. You can work up a sweat in the good old outdoors, breath fresh air and use your body for what it was meant for, moving. Its good for your mental health because you feel good about yourself plus there is some healthy human interaction, part of a healthy existence.

Reason number 5 – What else would you be doing?

That’s right, people have plenty of time to watch TV or perform meaningless tasks, doing a clean-up is worthwhile for all of the reasons above.

#cleanthecoast tour


5th Ash Grunwald gig - Sapphire club, Merimbula.

6th Clean up – 9am – 10:30am, Spencer Park Merimbula 

7th Clean up 9am at Red Point Hill 60 (Honeycomb rocks) Port Kembla

7th Ash Grunwald gig 3pm at the Servo Food Truck Bar Port Kembla


18th Clean up Marine rescue Building off Beach St Harrington

18th Ash Grunwald gig Harrington Hotel 7pm

19th Clean up 2pm – 3.30pm Gosford City Park 

19th Ash Grunwald gig 7pm at the Rhythm Hut Gosford

24th Ash Grunwald gig Bellingen Brewery 7pm 

25th Clean up meeting point TBA Coffs Harbour 


14th Ash Grunwald gig - Milton Theatre 7pm  

15th Clean up 9am – 10:30am Mollymook Beach. 

Paul Hellier - Founder 

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