5 ways to beat plastic together

28 Jun 2018 5 ways to beat plastic together

As we make our way through Vietnam on the Peloton Against Plastic there is one thing that stands out for me. It is that people want change everywhere, plastic is hurting this country (Vietnam) and the people know it.

Children are telling their parents that plastic is no good and those in the community whom are in their 60’s and 70’s have told us, it is no good for the environment. 

They don't always know why but they see it in their local environment and they don't like it. 

A very friendly middle aged Vietnamese man told us that he has already held 3 meetings with local businesses to stop the use of single use plastic and he is working on getting local government involved. 

The Peloton team setting the example to nearby snorkelers 

There are many people here in their early 20’s who have asked to meet us to talk about what they are doing or would like to do. Whether its clean-ups, general plastic education or businesses centred around stopping plastic. It is all starting to happen. 

Businesses are cropping up, from using a business to support plastic free products and events. To education and whole sale of natural takeaway containers. Vietnam is on the move against plastic. There is still a very long way to go and a lot of education needs to happen, however I feel very positive about it. 

I see no difference in this movement in Vietnam in comparison to what I've seen in Australia, the United States and Europe. They see what plastic is doing to their country, the ocean and their planet and they want to change it. So let's give these beautiful people our support.

It is absolutely beautiful to see.

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Our best 4 ways to roll with the change that's coming;

1. Lead by example – time to make the effort and avoid single use plastic where ever you can you already know how, its up to you not someone else

2. Start or Join a group to further spread the word or clean your community

3. Communication – Silos have limitations, spread your connections and lets come together to learn from one another. There is a pretty good chance that someone can make things easier for you and vise versa

4. Get Creative - You just never know, there might be a solution that no one else has yet thought of

5. Saying no to plastic is the new black - It is you know, all the cool kids are doing it

Paul Hellier - Founder

Images: Renae Saxby

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As we get closer to the halfway point of the Peloton Against Plastic the thing that stands out is our need to work together, we are not in this alone and together we are making headway. Lets do this.

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