10 simple ways to cool your house on hot days

07 Feb 2019 10 simple ways to cool your house on hot days

As things get hotter on our planet, power supplies are put under enormous strain, consecutive days over 40 degrees celcius in some parts of Australia. While those "in charge" remain steadfast on keeping us in the dark ages, putting our environment in danger and denying that climate change or new technology exists. It doesn’t mean that you can’t prepare your home to deal with the heat while reducing your own impact and saving money.

So what can you do to keep your house and suburb cool?

1. My number one tip would be to plant some trees now.

Ideally plant local natives that are adapted to the climate and soil where you live. They will require less effort, less water, likely grow faster and attract more wildlife. If possible plant deciduous on the northern side (southern hemisphere) and southern side (northern hemisphere). Make your home more pleasant into the night by shading the western side of the house from the hot afternoon sun.

A wall of western facing trees keeps the hosue between 5 - 10 degrees cooler

2. Green your suburb

If you don’t already live in a leafy suburb think of ways to increase green spaces. Trees in the neighbourhood have been proven to increase property values, reduce particulate pollution, stress, crime and of course temperatures.

3. Grow food

Another way to cool the house and take care of food needs is to plant vegetables and fruit trees and just because you have planted natives around your home doesn’t mean you can’t interplant food with natives. In fact the birdlife and cool little bugs that your natives will attract are likely to take care of a few pests as well and they will help cool the air.

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4. Water, water, water

A birdbath for the birds who will visit you on thirsty hot days. 

A frog pond for the…. Frogs, lizards, birds and bees

A frog pond near a window will actually cool the air near the house and can be drawn into the house by opening a higher window somewhere else. As warm air leaves the house through a high window the cooler air near the pond is drawn in, cooling your house. 

Use water tanks for the garden and toilets - I have several neighbours who water the driveway and house every day for hours. Water is a precious resources so use it wisely

5. Utilise windows and blinds on a hot day

If the weather man says it’s going to be a hot one, prepare by leaving the windows shut when you leave for work, yes SHUT. Unless your home is surrounded by beautiful shady trees you can utilize the blinds as well. You will be trapping the cool air of the morning inside the house and slowing heating with the blinds drawn. When you get home the house may still be cool enough not to worry about the air conditioner.

6. Cool yourself down rather than trying to create a cold house.

Have cool drinks, wear less clothes, go to the beach or river and relax under a tree. 

Go outside in the evening and enjoy nature or friends, its a nice way to stay cool

7. Use a fan and not the air conditioner
8. Don’t cook on a hot day

Cooking heats up the house obviously

9. Turn off appliances

Power turned on generates energy and increases heat in the house. 

10. Go solar

If you can afford it convert to solar and battery storage. Control your power and the cost of it, save money and be an early adopter.

Paul Hellier - Founder

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