What exactly is the argument against action on climate?

19 Jun 2019 What exactly is the argument against action on climate?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course and there is never going to be 100% agreement from everyone on everything. Though I am more than perplexed on the argument against action on climate change. 

I mean let’s just say for argument sake that;

  • 97% of the scientists are wrong
  • That the last 10 years since 1998 weren’t the 10 hottest years since 1880 and the climate proxies of centuries prior
  • That the oceans aren’t full of plastic
  • That species extinctions have not been accelerating
  • That around 5m people aren’t dying from air pollution related illness each year 
  • That technology & investment around the world hasn't moved on since the invention of coal fired power in the 1800's
  • And that Between 1990 and 2016, the world didn’t lose an area larger than the size of South Africa of forest

And why would people who have studied the climate, biology, oceans, ecology etc etc for most of their working lives know more than Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt? Could it be a giant conspiracy where most of the world has been bamboozled by science? Into a fallacy that clean air, water, healthy forests, rivers, mangroves, coral reefs and wildlife make our lives better and the planet more livable? 

Perhaps education and marketing has failed us? Are we missing the joy of swimming with the plastic bags rather than whales, do our bodies actually require sulphur dioxide and methane rather than oxygen and does drinking water polluted with heavy metals actually make us stronger?

That somehow jobs and successful investment actually comes from 100+ year old technology? Does blowing up the earth’s crust and burning it for heat and energy mean more efficiencies than simply working with the elements that have been powering the earths systems for billions of years?

Could it all be wrong? Arguing whether or not its caused by humans and whether or not we can turn it around, sure. But what are people fighting against exactly?

Of course if you are part owner of a coal mine, mining machinery inc, oil rig fleet, gas plant, or the descendant of billionaires in the fossil fuel industry you might be afraid of changing economies. This could destroy your plans to spend 1 million dollars every day for the rest of your life and leave you feeling a tad poor? Though what are you actually losing, ego?

Lets for a minute pretend that it is true

If you have children, would you not feel better knowing that they may oneday witness a polar bear, orangutan or koala in the wild rather than a crackly video like the ones we’ve seen of the thylacine? Have we learnt nothing?

Its not the first time governments have got it wrong, the Tasmanian Govt once offered a bounty for killing the Tasmanian Tiger, then protected them when it was too late.

Would you not prefer to see solar panels in the desert, wind turbines spinning slowly or steam from hot rocks running your city rather the cool evening smells of carcinogens in an antique coal fired power station? 

What about the new jobs created? (mining jobs aren’t going away, no one is saying that). What about the millions of climate refugees that may remain in their home lands because we were smart enough to ease rising sea levels rather than them needing to set sail for Australia as their homes flood? 

The plastic free oceans? 

The cheaper energy prices?

Or perhaps it’s simply the fact that the earth that gives you life and continues to supply stability under your feet, air, water and food is requiring you to cooperate with it and respect it's systems a little more?

The earth is not going anywhere and I think I'll choose to play by its rules rather than risk the possibility of looking back some time in the future, wondering why I wasn't a little more flexible. Perhaps it could be worth not contributing to the possible extinction of countless non-committal plants, animals and organisms?

Forgetting the big picture and all the scariness that is "climate change", there are all the little individual mechanisms we take for granted each and every day. The beautiful natural places we go in our spare time, the air we breath, the water we drink, the food we grow and the species with which we share this amazing planet. Surely there is no argument in caring just a little more? 

Disagree sure, though what is to be lost in living on a planet, cleaner and safer for ourselves and the species we share it with?

Paul Hellier - Founder

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