Viva la Compost Revolución

04 Apr 2017 Viva la Compost Revolución

The Compost Revolution - Making it easy to compost and worm-farm at home!


Food waste in Australia is ginormous, with over 4 million tonnes of food waste going to landfill each year. (Source - the 2013 National Waste Report) It's estimated that up to 361 kilograms of food is wasted per person, per year.


By composting our food scraps, we can recycle what would otherwise be sent off as waste. We can reduce our personal contribution to the growing landfill problem and instead we can to put our food back into the earth through composting and worm farming.  Australian councils are supporting both these processes.  


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“By composting your food scraps instead of sending them to landfill, households can significantly reduce their Climate Change footprint.” – Compost Revolution


The Compost Revolution began 4 years ago, an initiative of three NSW councils with the support of the NSW Environmental Protection Agency. The idea is to make the recycling of food scraps an affordable and accessible process  by providing the 'how to' on composting/worm farming and offering discounted compost bins which can be home delivered. Forty councils have teamed up to encourage composting action among Australian households. Find your area here.

If you don’t have a garden, a worm farm is a great way to reduce your household waste. You can fit it in a corner of the laundry or on the balcony. After the worms have been hard at work turning your scraps into yummy compost, you can then transfer the nutrient-filled  results into windowsill pot plants or herb gardens.

Compost is perfect for the backyard, as it will naturally attract lots of crawling decomposers all desperate to help break down the funky foods scraps.  You can then use the end-product to help build beautiful nutrient-rich soils for your next garden escapade.  


Doing a little  composting


The best part of composting and/or worm farming is that they're both extremely easy to get started. Visit  the Compost Revolution website and find your participating local council to get involved. If you’re worried about the ins and outs of maintaining your decomposing grub, there is a 10-minute tutorial with simple tips to help your compost thrive.

No reason a food business can't do this as well. All you need is a tiny bit of space, or ask a local community garden if they are interested in your scraps. It will save bin time and earn you an FFF "Food Waste Reduction Icon".

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