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09 Aug 2017 Share the Love

So we created an app, a community, a place to help you reduce your impact, find great food and support amazing businesses. A place for business to tell the story of what it takes to be ethical and sustainable. Where they can say “Hey! Look! I take the time to think of how to reduce plastic, or research and sell truly free range eggs”.

At Fair Food Forager, we think of ourselves as a market place. Like a big shed, a school playground or sports oval, where cool markets are held - except we are in cyber space. The thing is though... markets don’t work without stall holders or the people who love them. So, we need you! To tell your friends, share your experience and keep the movement moving.

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And for business?

Well, we love what you do so much!  Seriously, so much of our business chat is "Heeeeey! Did you see that Cafe X is doing XYZ!? How amazing!" So we want to share the love. Because having you on board is our priority. That's why the admin fee for the first 12 months is only $1AUD / $1NZD / $1USD / £1. We know at the end of a long day we are the last thing on your mind. But we hope we can seduce you. Because we know this could be incredible - changing the way the world eats by making ethical easy. 

Then, we hope you'll feel the same... talk about us to your friends, tweet about us from the rooftops, post about us on Facebook, paste our pretty little sticker in your store window. 

The only deal breaker in our relationship... takeaway styrofoam (we pick up so much of this stuff we’ve become allergic to it). The rest we can work on. No one is perfect after all! So if you are willing to share your Fair Food Forager page on social media, add our link to a website and put up a small window sticker - you can have a premium listing for $1*. Simply use the voucher code 'sharethelove' when applying here. 

You could also be super adventurous and use our icons in your menu - get in touch if you feel like going steady.

There is a lot of value in generosity and working together. We know it's not always easy to be sustainable and ethical. It often takes extra thought, research and investment. But that's where we come in. We believe so strongly in making ethical easy, that we get a little love crazed sometimes. Providing incentives for busy business people to get on board.

We operate on cred. We list the best options, not any options. We want to tell their story. So the only requirement to being listed on Fair Food Forager is being better for our planet, animals and for others. You will see on our website we have a small admin fee $19AUD, $15USD or £12 which enables us to pay for software updates and take on suggestions from our users. Unless, of course, you're willing to #sharethelove

We are proud of the voice we have given food businesses and conscious consumers, with software that’s easy to use and looks good.

We would love to work with you. Together we can change the way the world eats. 

... because ethical eating feels good!


Paul Hellier - Founder

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* The #sharethelove offer is only applicable for the first 12 months admin fee. Therefafter, admin fees will be set at a standard rate. Businesses can opt out of a premium listing at any time. Get in touch for your specific countries #sharethelove voucher and lets work together.

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