I’ll see it when I believe it

28 Mar 2019 I’ll see it when I believe it

In the risk of sounding all woo woo I'm going to say something that might sound a little strange to many. And it would’ve sounded pretty weird to me a year or two ago as well, but my thoughts have changed. 

The thinking is that we have to start focussing on what we can do and more so believing in what we can do. Collectively focussing our attention on how we want it to be.

“Oh no, he’s lost it” I hear you thinking and maybe I have and but who knows? Whatever... I actually don’t think we have much of a choice.

Disclaimer, I am not great at this myself, I still get plenty mad at the most ridiculous. You know things like Adani or Equinor, wrapping bananas in plastic or chopping up an orange and selling it in a plastic tub. There are endless stupid things that humans do if you want to feel mad. I feel your pain, I really really do.

However think about everything in your life, all of the things you have accomplished, and all of the things that completely sucked. How many of these things do we create? I’m saying we create all of them. Oh shit, he has really lost it.

Well I’m going to keep going.

If these things in life where you actually believed something or dead set “knew” in your mind you couldn’t do it. Did you prove yourself right? If this happened once or twice in your life, I’d say that’s just a coincidence, but it literally happens all the time. Now of course things require a little effort and direction at least some of the time, key, is the thinking. 

Now that I’m paying attention to the way I’m thinking and how things turn out I am noticing many little instances each day like this, many are small and not always exact, though mostly pretty close.

Badge Badge

We can’t argue that there is a shift in thinking around the world in the last couple of years and for me it started happening when I started looking for that stuff. I was looking for things that were positive to feel better about other things that weren’t feeling great in my life. Let me tell you that this works on any scale, from a bad day to the whole direction of things. Find anything that is great and take a little attention away from something that isn’t that great. 

This goes for the environment as well. There is always going to be something somewhere in the process of making something or interacting with the planet that isn’t ideal and I’ve had enough conversations about this to realise that if I really want to feel bad, I can find something. So be informed rather than inundated in the facts. 

There are some amazing things to focus on as well, just look around and what is happening and start believing that there will be more of it. If you can’t see something, start it, people are going to join your conga line if you uplift them and show your enthusiasm. 

If you think and believe that we are doomed, you’re probably going to notice more of that stuff and may not inspire too many people to join you. And I guess if you really thought like that you probably wouldn’t be doing anything in the first place. 

So let us ride this wave of momentum towards a more thoughtful species of people who give a shit. We are doing this, caring is becoming sexy and I can see a planet that is clean with clean air and clean water and valued plants and animals. That’s what I’m talking about.

Catch yourself and change your thinking, looking towards seeing all of us living as part of the planet, consiousness is growing, and if we want it we have to all feel it happening. Everything is connected. 

Paul Hellier - Founder

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