How flexi are you? flexitarian that is!

09 Nov 2017 How flexi are you? flexitarian that is!

Mention ‘vegetarian’ and some people run a mile. Drop a mention of ‘vegan’ and eyes glaze over. 

We tune out because it seems extreme or deprived. Perhaps it doesn’t need to be so scary. Cue the flexitarian. 

Warning: if you’re a strict vegetarian / vegan, some descriptions in this article may be disturbing 

We love to put names to things. And now there is a name for the half-hearted vego. The uncommitted veg-lover. Someone who enjoys plants, but isn’t ready to go steady. 

Flexitarian; a person who is primarily a vegetarian but occasionally eats meat or fish

I can see some of ya’ll standing there with your skeptical faces on. I’ve been there. I know your hesitation. Just hear me out…

Small change = Big impact

According to studies from the World Resources Institute the environmental benefits of a strictly vegetarian diet are similar to that of a meat-reduced one. You can have an impact by swapping a bit more veg onto your plate. 

Budget friendly

My own dally into a plant-based diet began at uni. When the dollar determined my food choices. Meat was always more pricey. So a cheesy baked potato filled the hole and kept the moths from my wallet. 

Quality over quantity

Would you rather eat ethical meat once a week, or bad-vibes meat e’ryday? Option A please! 

When I sink my teeth into that burger I want to know that the animal was treated well. That during its life it was out in the fields, chewing fresh grass, hanging out with fellow grazers. And when the end came, it was done humanely. 

Plus good quality organic meat has less hormones. Who needs any more of those!? No thanks!

It’s super easy

Make it a celebration of colour and flavour. Add a bit more veg to your meals, and ease off on the animal protein. 

Plus with the Fair Food Forager app, it’s easy to find a local haunt that will show you just how gorgeous plant-based eating can be. 

Less mess

Now I’m not shy of wielding a knife in the kitchen. I can face raw meat. But it is not my favourite culinary task. Too much goo and cleaning. Veg is so much simpler. Cut and go. Less bacterial fuss. When I lived in a bedsit in London with a microwave in my bedroom (no joke) the idea of cooking meat in the microwave was horrifying. Or perhaps it was the idea of having raw meat in the same room as my bed. No Lady Gaga fetish here. 

Maybe take one step at a time… Meat-free Monday anyone? 

Our friends at Cultivate Oxford always have some great veg-spiration for Mondays.  They are also on Twitter, Facebook, and Insta... and the FFF app of course!

Can’t be bothered cooking?

There are plenty of delish food haunts on the Fair Food Forager app. Search by the vegetarian or vegan icons. You’ll be inspired to  explore the world of plant-based eating. It’s more tasty than you’d expect. 


Dayna Ortner - UK Director


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