Hash-tagging our way to a better future

14 Mar 2019 Hash-tagging our way to a better future

There has been a lot of talk in the last week about the #trashtag movement. If you have not yet heard of it, it’s basically a #hashtag associated with a before and after photograph of an area once covered in litter and then completely cleaned up. Hopefully what is collected is disposed of properly or recycled. 

I had a thought! Let’s start some other variations;

  • A lawn into a food garden
  • An industrial site into a mini forest
  • A polluted drain into a healthy stream

Or wouldn’t be great to see a before and after of supermarket shelves changing from plastic wrapped vegetables to all natural plastic free goodness, ha, hmmm? Then we could have large corporates tagging their changes in product packaging from plastic to all natural, sustainable wrap. Before and after, call it the #caretag or the #igiveashittag

Many of the photographs include large groups cleaning large areas that they have completely transformed. I don’t care what is behind the movement, be it Instafamousness (is that a word) or a genuine care for the planet or local area. This is a good thing.

Photo care of the ABC

This would not likely have been a thing if it was created 5 years ago, it is a huge turning point in our history that people really are starting to come together to call out plastic polluters (and other polluters) and they are cleaning the planet. 

It raises the point as we see movements grow online, people getting petitions going, calling out bad corporate behaviour or gathering people together to do something good, like a cleanup. Fair Food Forager was created to share food venues who are working towards sustainability, technology creating a community of people who care.

The school strike for climate is another amazing movement as school students stand up for their future and are making politicians look pretty silly as they take to the streets. 

Fair Food Forager is ALL about collaboration and for a while now we have been working with The Surfrider Foundation, Plastic Free Wollongong and the #oceanfriendly program.

Also the Sustainable Restaurant Association and cross listing with team GreenCaffeen, Refill My Bottle, Refill Not Landfill, Good Food Oxford, Plastic Free Cambodia, Plastik Detox Bali and other waste reduction groups.

Now we are teaming up with Ash Grunwald and Earthbottles to launch a series of concerts and cleanups to find a few new faces interested in getting down to the beach and cleaning up.

Paul, Danni and Ash 

We will be hitting Merimbula, Port Kembla and Milton with other beaches / venues to be announced in the coming weeks. 

Get your tickets for the concerts here

Fair Food Forager is also giving away two tickets to the show at The Servo Food Truck Bar in Port Kembla. All you have to do is download the app, set up a profile and post with the hashtags #takingoutthetrash and #fairfoodforagerapp

See you at a show

Paul Hellier

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