Grocery Shopping for Good in Melbourne

05 Sep 2017 Grocery Shopping for Good in Melbourne

A rise of social enterprises has made it much simpler for consumers to shop consciously. Not only are we buying things we need, these products have the doubled benefit of helping others. It’s a win-win for everybody.

If you would like to share an Australian product or business that does good, Decisive Cravings we would love to hear from you either in the comments below, on their website or you can add it directly to the Fair Food Forager mobile app.

For more on Decisive Cravings work supporting social enterprises and ethical businesses, make sure you get their future updates by subscribing here. Also look out for the new ‘consciousness’ listing in our reviews to see the ways local hospitality businesses are committing to ethical work, social good, sustainability and the environment on Decisive Cravings.

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P.s – If you are a Sydney reader, make sure you check out Two Good Co. Each soup jar you buy from them allows them to give one to a person in need.

P.p.s – If you’re a fan of social enterprises, make sure you check out Decisive Cravings new food guide: Melbourne for Conscious Foodies. It’s all about eateries and cafes committed to supporting local, the environment and social good. They’ll be donating 25% of the profits from each guide to a local Melbourne cause.



Food Justice Truck – the recent launch of the Food Justice Truck (featured image above) by the Asylum Resource Centre gained considerable media attention. Their crowdfunding campaign generated over $150,000 and just $3,000 over their targeted amount.

Their mobile fresh food market offers locally sourced produce, legumes, tea and bread at a 75% discount to people seeking asylum. A world first, their award-winning retail model enables the general public to invest in quality fresh food while the profits are reinvested into affordable nutritious food for asylum seekers.

Most of their fruit and vegetables are sourced from sustainable food wholesaler, Spade and Barrow, supporting local farmers and reducing crop wastage by selling ‘nature’s grade’ produce. Their organic tea leaves are from Storm in a Teacup and their artisan sourdough by Dench Bakers in Fitzroy. Food Justice Truck Locations below:

Every Tuesday, 3–6pm at Thomastown Primary School, Spring Street, Thomastown

Every Wednesday, 11:30am-2pm in front of Wesley Church Melbourne, 148 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

Every Friday, 3–6pm at Footscray Primary School, cnr Geelong Road and Barkly Streets

The Community Grocer – another fantastic initiative in Melbourne, The Community Grocer, a not-for-profit, is an open weekly fruit and vegetable market in various locations across Melbourne by offering fresh, locally sourced food at wholesale prices for people living in public housing, though everyone is welcome. 


Jen Curcio - Decisive Cravings

This is a shortened version of an article first appearing in Decisive Cravings - an organisation very much aligned with Fair Food Forager.  To hear more from Jen check it out.

*Cover image source Asylum Resource Centre Food Justice Truck 


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