Every day is Earth day - 11 ways to get started

25 Apr 2019 Every day is Earth day - 11 ways to get started

The official “Earth day” began in 1970 and is held every year on April 22 where events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Earth Day was created by Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin in the United States, an environmentalist who hoped to provide unity to the grassroots environmental movement and increase ecological awareness. Sad there are still people who need convincing nearly 50 years on.

The thing is, the planet actually doesn’t need us, we need it. 

Arguments about whether climate change exists or doesn’t exist, is man-made or not seems so ridiculous to me. Really, what do we have to lose from protecting natural areas, breathing clean un-polluted air and living with clean un-polluted waterways and oceans? Dumb question of course.

The sun, wind and waves provide all the energy we will ever need, free of rent, how about that crazy thought? Technology is getting better and better all the time, it’s not scary to embrace it. Nothing is perfect but neither is blowing up the earth’s crust to extract coal and then transport, burn and pollute for energy. This was cutting edge 130 years ago, it’s not now.

So if every day is Earth Day what can we be doing to put our earth first?

In the interests of not getting too caught up in arguing silly things it’s important to avoid thinking too much about the big topic of climate change, the politics and the right wing media. It’s just going to stress you, frustrate you and leave you feeling you can’t do anything.  

What about these ideas?

1. If you have the money, support technology and speed up the change as others see your example. Put solar panels on your roof, get yourself an electric car and charge it up with free sun power. While Tesla is the benchmark in this field we are now starting to see some more options with Hyundai, Nissan, Volkswagen and Volvo options, vans and utes on the way. It’s only going to get better and cheaper but all tech needs early adopters.
2. Plant trees, lots of them. Ditch the lawn and grow food and habitat. Help local wildlife by giving them somewhere to stop, feed and drink. Plant things to help pollinators such as bees, add a frog pond, bird-bath and include some little nooks for reptiles. Who wants to cut grass anyway? 
3. Go one better, is there a group you can join who are planting trees, could you lobby local government or land holders to plant more trees? What other ways can you increase tree planting in your area?

4. Educate yourself on which of the regular products you buy contain unsustainable palm oil and buy something else. 
5. Reduce or cut out animal products from your diet.
6. Stop using single-use plastic and start doing clean ups. On your own or as a group, single-use plastic is the most ridiculous thing ever so anything you can do to reduce it is more than welcome. 
7. Can you use your talents to solve a problem or spread the environmental word? Are you a scientist, good with numbers, an artist or builder? Could you donate time or mind space to help a group manage their funding, generate revenue, repair things or raise awareness through your creations?
8. Sign and share as many environmental petitions as you can, they are a great way to force politicians to take notice (they want your vote so help them understand what matters).
9. Use clothing to regulate your body temperature rather than using air conditioning and use the clothes line rather than the dryer
10. Conserve water - wash the car with a bucket, hook the toilet up to a water tank, plant natives and water plants early or late in the day

11. Don't bin food, learn how to use left overs, be aware of what's in the fridge before shopping and what you can't eat, compost.

This is a tough one to keep short because there are just so many things we can do. So each day we love nature and we do our best to care for the earth and its inhabitants just as we should care for our own health. It's one in the same.

Happy Earth every day

Paul Hellier - Founder

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