Become a Young Sustainable Food Champion

01 Mar 2018 Become a Young Sustainable Food Champion

OZ ambassador, Brittany Dahl, looks into opportunities for young people interested food, agriculture, and technology:


As a young person, how can taking part in organisations and events take your interest to the next level? There are countless ways to have your voice heard, to champion your ideas to people that matter. Here are my thoughts for under 35’s interested in being part of the future of food.  


    1.    Do you have a great idea to combat global food security? Apply to Thought for Food (TFF) Challenge and Summit!


The TFF Challenge is a competition open to under 35's who would like to submit their ideas to help feed and nourish the planet. There is a chance to win grant funding, travel, mentorship, and startup training. My experiences of the 2017 TFF Summit and how I became involved.


To enter the 2018 TFF Challenge, sign up by May 4th 2018 and become part of the world’s largest community of next generation innovators for food security. All ideas, stages and disciplines are welcomed.


    2.    Interested in meeting a global network of passionate youth in food and agriculture? Apply for the Global Youth-Ag Summit (YAS)!

Ever ponder how we will feed a hungry planet beyond 2050? The Global YAS is a bi-annual event bringing together youth to explore that very question, discuss and implement solutions on global food challenges. My experiences at YAS included local and global problems and creating a declaration that was sent to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN, Australian Delegates discussion.


    3.    Interested in agricultural or food research? Become a Crawford Fund Conference Scholar!


The Crawford Fund is a non-government organisation (NGO) running annual conferences with speakers from around the world discussing international agricultural research, policy, practice, and arranges specialist training activities for scientists in developing countries. They have a partner organisation called RAID, who aim to connect, engage and support agricultural researchers working in international development. My experiences


    4.    Are you rural, or interested in urban agriculture? Join the Future Farmers Network (FFN)!


The FFN is a network for youth aged 18 to 35 in agriculture, providing members with information, events, training, scholarships and work experience. FFN aims to empower, support and retain young people in Australian agriculture. They have their own youth forums, partnering with other organisations and events, including the Global Youth-Ag Summit, and Rabobank’s Farm2Fork. Join the Network for newsletters.


    5.    in a capital city? Join the Youth Food Movement (YFM) and eat up the benefits!


The YFM are a volunteer organisation with food education projects for young people, cooking and eating events, and even a shop. Their current projects include “Upstart” - a training program for organising community food events; and “Cookluck club” - sign up to host a reverse potluck, and receive guest invites, recipe ideas and instructions!        

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    6.    More opportunities? Check out “Ypard”, "Youth Opportunities" or "YouNoodle"


Ypard are young professionals for agricultural development. See their website for events, jobs, and funding opportunities. Youth Opportunities and YouNoodle are databases for searching conferences, events, scholarships, and start-up opportunities. Both databases advertise food, agriculture events, competitions, and long term opportunities such as UNLEASH - a global innovation lab, see the vertical farming award.


    7.    Of course you should also join Fair Food Forager and contribute information on local sustainable businesses!

Have a play around with the app and add to the platform to become an expert on the best places to eat or drink in your area! Join the movement today!


Brittany Dahl - Australian Ambassador

Loves maps and understanding the geographic basis of sustainable food systems. Looking to tech that connects community to sustainable choices.

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