2019 is the year to prioritise better

10 Jan 2019 2019 is the year to prioritise better

2019 is the year of prioritising better. Not better prioritising but "prioritising better"; holding politicians and corporations to account, voting with the dollars in your pocket, slowing down and enjoying your food inside cafés and restaurants rather than ordering take out, appreciating nature, growing food and picking the more sustainable options available to you.

Governments (in Australia anyway) have been, well rubbish at achieving anything really. Globally however there is a lot of good news breaking through. Various municipalities all over are starting to ban single-use plastic items, small businesses are really trying to reduce their waste and are doing what they can to serve up local, ethical, organic, vegetarian and vegan, plastic free meals. Then there is this wonderful generation of youngsters protesting inaction on climate change, making politicians look stupid which isn’t that hard now that I say it. They are not the only ones, inaction by governments builds action in the grass roots and people are driving change. 

Now is the time to make a difference

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From a growing trend towards plant based diets, to innovation in renewable energy, to community run food production, to petitions for environmental protection, to greater knowledge and action on plastic pollution, you have got to feel up beat about what is happening around the world.

At Fair Food Forager we are doing our best to bring you sustainable food, while sharing waste free, plant based recipes and feel good stories of the natural world, innovation and community action.

Firstly we welcome the return of our Android users. We have rebuilt the app, ready for you to find ethical food and post your experiences. The next step is to grow this global community of sustainable food businesses and the legendary eaters voting with their feet. People who are going the extra mile to reduce their footprint by supporting local food respecting people, animals and the planet. The best thing is, it’s getting easier! We all know things need to change, the food system has been crashing into a wall for a long time and people everywhere are working to bring it back to a sensible, more caring place.

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The #fairfoodforagerapp has over 6000 venues in more than 20 countries, that’s pretty huge for this little start up. The app will also let you check-in to suggest anything you find. It helps us all feel good about oursleves as each day we can make a better choice.

So if you’re an Android or an iOS user, jump on the app, set up a profile, support fair food and share your stories with us. We all learn from each other, sharing our stories, motivating our peers to make this world a better place. Simply supporting the businesses that deserve your money while sharing how you are making change no matter how small that change is, is how we create a movement for BIG change.


Paul Hellier 

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