11 Ethical Eating Options in Bali’s Bukit Region

29 Jun 2017 11 Ethical Eating Options in Bali’s Bukit Region

Bali draws tourists and sea changers for many reasons: surf, weather, parties, yoga, wellness, and of course the food. Nasi Goreng and a banana juice after a long surf always has a magnetic pull for me. Bali's clean, local, vegan and vegetarian food choices, particularly in the highland region of Ubud, fit with its growing options for yoga and wellness.

Since 2014 - my last trip - food options have increased again. This time I planned a two week stay near the major surf spots (the Bukit Peninsula).  Surf every morning and then head off to investigate the best in food. Paradise!. 


"After a few days it became apparent that I would be need to return as there was not enough time to investigate much beyond Bukit. The food was so good I doubled up a few times just to make sure"



Bukit area map from fair FOOD forager




Let’s start this journey as if you were staying in Kuta and venturing into Bukit for surfing, beaches or a little countryside experience.  

1. Living Well – On the main road. You will greeted by the beautiful staff and owners, and presented with many options including some great salads and spectacular cakes, treats and protein balls. It’s all organic, mostly local. And if you, in fact, call yourself a local you can pick up organic seedlings and grow your own veg at home.

2. The Alchemist – A stunning little eco resort which I plan to try out at some point. Fresh juices and delicious breakfast. Sitting outside under the trees is just perfect.


3. Cafe La Passion – Heading towards the beautiful Balangan Beach, I find this great place to work with good coffee, music and a varied menu. I kept wanting La Passion eggs (poached eggs on small toast with mushrooms, tomato and hollandaise sauce). The pizza is pretty great as well.

4. The Cashew Tree – Bingin beach is a healthy person's dream. Vegan or vego, they have it all! Photogenic meals abound and, if you like, you can have a workout on the punching bags and chin-up bar afterwards.




5. Drifter - If you surf, care about reducing waste and love innovative environmentally friendly products, Drifter cafe and surf shop is your dream. I first visited their other store in Seminyak in 2014 and loved the concept. The Bukit store is bigger, with a larger range of stock, and is completely made of wood. There are gardens, and an art gallery too. Try the fresh spring rolls. Coffee is great and the sweets are too good!

6. Bukit Cafe – Just around the corner, more fresh, local, plant based goodies set in a big bright open space. Buzzing all day. People love this place - and there are plenty of reasons for that!

7. Buddha Soul – Salads, juices, local health treats. Colourful, healthy food with a touch of education on how to eat healthy. Duck across the road for a swim and come back for afters.

8. Beetroot Sweet Escape – Closer still to Padang beach, this tiny little cafe is a hit for breakfast and a coffee. You need to see the breakfast bowls - they look too good to eat! Bring a reusable cup if you’re having coffee to go.




9. Suka Espresso – I felt like I was in Bondi here with their beautiful fresh and trendy menu, the happy accommodating staff and the surf tales. Everyone is fresh out of the water. This is living.

10.  Lands’ End Cafe - Located on the eastern side of Uluwatu, which is normally the final destination for many a traveller in Bukit. Lands’ End is on the quieter side of this loop. It's small and all organic. You can order coffee with almond, soy or skim milk if you like. Rumour has it they are the pioneers of the healthy cafe culture in Bukit.

11. Aloha Surf Cafe – A surf shop with coffee while you wait for your friends to try on some swimwear or negotiate a board purchase. I bought my board here. Or if you're simply looking for something for a few days, they have boards to rent. Tell them Paul from Fair Food Forager sent you. They are the nicest people you’ll meet. Oh wait, everyone in Bali is!




Surely I missed some other hidden gems? Can you suggest more? List them on our app and help other travellers get their fill of delicious ethical food. 

Paul Hellier - Founder


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