10 Reasons to Break the Habit of Stuff.

20 Apr 2017 10 Reasons to Break the Habit of Stuff.

Nothing can prepare you more or make you question the need for stuff than a bit of travel. Living somewhere for a few months with the suitcase of things you brought with you, quickly provides a reality check on how much you actually need. There will be times when things pop up and you think “if only I had 'this' or 'that'. But generally, living with less is no trouble at all.


Hints to travelling with less here.

In fact, a little de cluttering can be very liberating, providing a feeling of freedom, room to move and maybe even the ability to make quick decisions. In fact, stoic Seneca includes several items of wisdom in accumulating and possessing less. This is not a new concept - Seneca’s Top 10 Fundamentals for Finding Happiness.


"Simplicity, is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci



It’s a gradual process and you probably aren’t going to be able to let go in one big move, so try being a little ruthless with a couple of bits and bobs and then revisit this dilemma a few weeks later to see how you feel. Besides I am certainly not advocating you hire a big bin and send it all to land fill. Donate clothes to charity, do a market or garage sale, sell a few things online or to university students looking for cheap furniture. I’ll even ask friends who might be in need of something that is now surplus to my life. Here are some space saving ideas


Sharing or renting part of your house is a great way to force the reduction of 'stuff' and make some income from your room. Useless rooms full of dust collecting items necessary only to stop the room 'looking empty' are the first to go and the last things you will ever need again.


This process requires ongoing effort, reducing the 'room fillers'. T-shirts are my Achilles heel. I’m constantly relegating those I can’t let go of, to 'around the house' or exercise T-shirts. I’m down to about 50 (still ridiculous), only ever wearing the same 10-15.


My goal is to only hang on to clothes that are comfortable and suitable for mix and match, Technology items, that capture life, make it better, or can help generate income / learning and exercise items like a surfboard and bicycle plus a few things that are sentimental.


I'm excited to look at a room with plenty of space and reduce everything I own down to less than 100 items in total. Realistic. what do you think?

In nature even the most peaceful places are busy, but you don't own, keep and hold on to it do you?


While you are pondering that, here are 10 reasons to let go.

1. One mans trash is another mans treasure.

2. Easy cleaning

3. Style = less is neat and space is sophisticated.

4. Less places to loose your keys.

5. Save money by purchasing less, work less, stress less about paying for it all.

6. Make money, selling it.

7. Use your free time normally spent sorting or cleaning, on doing fun things instead.

8. The change effects your outlook, it is liberating, like having a new place.

9. You have the space to move around, work from home, do yoga, dance, play with the kids or rent it.

10. It just feels like you have less responsibility, freedom to move or get up and go, you aren't tied to this stuff anymore. 

And that's not even going into all the environmental reasons to having less. 


Paul Hellier - Founder


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