Find ethical & sustainable food

7.7 Bondi Hardware

Bondi Hardware

39 Hall Street Sydney, Bondi Beach NSW Australia

This place is very popular and for good reason. The decor is beautiful, the staff are friendly and the food is good. I...

  • Chemical Free / Organic
  • Local Produce
  • Reduced Plastics
  • Vegetarian
8.1 The Giddy Goat

The Giddy Goat

207 Gipps Road , Keiraville NSW 2500 Australia

All tips go to buying goats through Oxfam for underprivileged families. Giddy Goat have now bought 76 goats. Use...

  • Charitable
  • Fair Trade
  • Home Made
  • Local Produce
  • Vegetarian
16 Aug 2016 Blog

Food for Thought, for a Social Animal

The impact of food on the planet is massive and its everywhere, food, food, food, we love it and we need it. It’s the basis of our existence and our survival. Food is fuel, but there is something we might be overlooking in countries like Australia as we go about our busy lives. We are social...

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05 Aug 2016 Blog

5 Things My Dog Taught Me

A little over a week since I lost my best mate Moose, and it still doesn’t seem real, the processing continues. I still awaken, expecting to see him looking at me, wanting to hit the beach. Then realize he isn’t there and feel the disappointment of reality.  I still turn and expect to see him...

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28 Jul 2016 Blog

Owed to Moose

This one is for me, its for my best mate Moose and I! I haven’t seen him yet, I’m in the air, somewhere over NSW, but I know he isn’t there anymore. The big black, laid back, super calm shadow of me, for twelve years is no longer there. For twelve years he has followed me absolutely everywhere. If...

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