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25 Apr 2019 Every day is Earth day - 11 ideas to get started

Every day is Earth day - 11 ideas to get started

The official “Earth day” began in 1970 and is held every year on April 22 where events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Earth Day was created by Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin in the United States, an environmentalist who hoped to provide unity to the...

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17 Apr 2019 Recycling isn’t all bad. A little perspective

Recycling isn’t all bad. A little perspective

Did you see the 60 minutes story on Australia’s recycling industry shipping materials offshore to Malaysia? I didn't though I'm going to comment anyway. This is obviously a sad story, particularly for those of us trying to reduce waste in Australia and globally. However it does not mean you should...

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11 Apr 2019 When community comes together

When community comes together

Following on from last week’s story “Clean the coast – Why you should be doing clean ups” I really wanted to shout out to the communities we have already visited and the spirit / feel of these events. A clean up is a success if one person shows up on the day and you walk around together chatting...

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