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22 Aug 2019 Together we create

Together we create

This week I was all of a sudden not the administrator of Facebook pages that I had started myself. While it is annoying it also made me think about the fair food forager app.  There are many Facebook pages who’s sole purpose is to post, discuss, share and learn about environmental issues among...

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15 Aug 2019 Do we feel the link between us and everything else on the planet

Do we feel the link between us and everything else on the planet

This week I watched dolphins from a boat in the pristine waters of Jervis Bay on the NSW South Coast.  People were so excited watching the dolphins put on a show, playing around the boat for hours, killing time in between play and feeding on schools of fish.  It once again raised that question...

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07 Aug 2019 What’s good about waste?

What’s good about waste?

There are words thrown around like “waste less”, “zero waste” and “sustainability” but when you actually think about what these words mean it makes you wonder. When did we start wasting? In nature nothing is wasted, if one organism kills and only eats part of its prey 1,2,3 or 4 other species come...

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