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Fair Food Forager Pty Ltd Terms of Use.

Updated as of January 9th 2017

Eligibility and Icons of Sustainability.

REDUCED PLASTIC: This business has reduced its use of plastic in the serving of food and uses NO Styrofoam

PLANT BASED / VEGAN: This business serves VEGAN FOOD options which contain zero animal products (meat / dairy / eggs)

CHEMICAL REDUCED / NATURAL / BIO-DYNAMIC / ORGANIC: This business uses organic and / or chemical free ingredients.

REDUCED FOOD WASTE: This business composts food scraps / donates unsold food / feeds scraps to animals or uses food that isn’t deemed ‘perfect looking’ by supermarkets etc.

FAIR TRADE: This business focuses on using Fair Trade products.

ETHICALLY PRODUCED: This business uses ingredients and products that are ethically grown and/or produced, including free range / free to roam options.

SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD: This business serves sustainably caught seafood.

VEGETARIAN: This business serves delicious, totally vegetarian options.

HOME-MADE: This business serves a selection of food that is prepared and made solely on the premises or created from scratch by a member of staff.

CHARITY: This business cares about others and donates to charity in some form.

LOCAL PRODUCE: This business sources local produce thereby reducing food miles and supporting local business.

FAIR WORK: This business pays its staff correctly and treats everyone equally and with respect, regardless of differences.

GLUTEN FREE: This business has meal options free from wheat, barley, rye and oat related ingredients.




We ask that you review the below checklist of business requirements. Fair Food Forager is for the inspired businesses, trying to be better. We should all support food growers and creators doing great things like creating less waste or growing some of their own produce.

In order to upload a business to the Fair Food Forager website, they should satisfy some of the options in the below list, in particular they should NOT be selling takeaway in polystyrene packaging. That’s what makes you special and the food you seek special, you don’t want to see unnecessary food or packaging waste so help us spread the word and encourage others to be more like you and the businesses you visit.


Some of the possibilities. 


·         Does not use polystyrene takeaway packaging (must)

·         Does not use polystyrene takeaway cups (must)

·         Does not use single use plastic plates or cutlery

·         Does not use single use plastic bags

·         Does not use plastic straws

·         Supplies, sells or collects reused glass for produce sale



·         Any plastic used is recycled or reused

·         Does not decorate with balloons and synthetic ribbon

·         Food waste composted / worm farmed

·         Excess food is given to charity

·         Excess food is used as animal feed

·         Uses imperfect fruit and vegetables (visually not right for supermarkets but tastes great)

·         Uses rescued food (40% of our food supply is thrown out for no good reason)

·         Rain water in use

·         Waste water recycled - (garden watering).



·         Vegetarian options

·         Vegan options

·         Free Range animals used for meat

·         Free Range eggs used

·         Sustainable seafood used - See guide

·         Sustainable Palm Oil

·         Cooks / Creates their own food products for sale

·         Sources produce locally

·         Sources produce in season

·         Grows some of its own produce



·         Renewable energy used onsite

·         Fair Trade products

·         Runs charity events

·         Partial profits sent to charity

·         Creates awareness on global issues


Contributors should help support these community guidelines. This website was created for you, so please help us maintain it as a valuable resource that everyone can use, enjoy and learn from.


Fair Food Forager Pty Ltd (otherwise referred to as Fair Food Forager) has two main goals with this website: to share the best and most socially and environmentally ethical food spots around the world with those of use keen to lower our impact on the planet and to entertain and inform as best as we can. We strive for the highest levels of quality and integrity within this website and we encourage open, honest, frank, and above all else, respectful participation and communication among our community of Foragers.

Open and honest discussion, participation and reviews are important to us, and help to inform people and generate better understanding for other readers and contributors. Regardless of your age, sex, race, or expertise, you have something to contribute and we want to hear it. Given our open environment, we can and will not tolerate any known acts that will serve to offend any reader based on their age, sex, race, or expertise level. Further, any illegal activities, such as the posting of all copyrighted content, are expressly forbidden.

With this stated, Fair Food Forager cannot review all content posted by viewers on the Fair Food Forager site, and we are not responsible for such content. However, we do reserve the right to delete or edit any reviews or other postings that are not, in our sole discretion, in the spirit of these basic outline values. We will monitor posting activity of anyone who violates the following guidelines and, if necessary, restrict their ability to post reviews, photos, commentary, or messages on the site.

Our basic guidelines for participation within this website are as follows: No insults or personal attacks against anyone. No profanity or obscene language.

No pornographic, violent or obscene pictures are allowed to be posted, if detected they will be deleted. Any illegal content, such as hate literature and infringing copyrighted material is expressly forbidden. Feel free to debate what others say in their reviews, but keep the fully fledged arguments and flame wars somewhere else. Blatant commercial advertising within the content of this website not previously authorized by Fair Food Forager Pty Ltd is strictly forbidden.

Additionally, we have a set of review guidelines we ask you to follow: Please write reviews for businesses you have been to, and avoid single line responses as details really do matter. Be realistic with your ratings, and remember that others will be using your review to make decisions. Outrageous or suspicious reviews, if detected, will be verified by email, and deleted if necessary. Commercial advertising within reviews not previously authorized by Fair Food Forager Pty Ltd will be deleted. Please check spelling and avoid controversial language. *Required fields really are required. Your review cannot be submitted without them.


License Grant

Fair Food Forager Pty Ltd respects the rights and copyrights of review authors and content contributors and will not take permanent possession of copyright over our review authors and their words. 

With that said, when any content is posted to the Fair Food Forager website, the content author is automatically granting Fair Food Forager Pty Ltd a license for use. By contributing or submitting cafe reviews, message board postings, photographs, or any other content, you automatically grant (or warrant that the owner of such rights has expressly granted) us royalty-free and exclusive worldwide right and license to use, copy, modify, adapt, and or publish your words into any form, medium or technology without compensation to you, for use within the Fair Food Forager domain, or for promotion of said domain. 

If at anytime you wish to withdraw this grant, you may do so by contacting us via email atinfo@fairfoodforager.com with reference to the URL hosting your content. Fair Food Forager Pty Ltd will review and delete the content if the claim is valid, and release you from any grant. 

Fair Food Forager respects the intellectual property of others, and we ask that our users do the same. If you believe that your work has been copied, and is accessible on the Fair Food Forager web site in a way that constitutes copyright infringement or does not fall under the FAIR USE laws in Australia, we ask you to notify us and we will take the appropriate action.

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