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Mr T and Me


42 Great Ocean Rd, Aireys Inlet VIC 3231 Australia

  • Chemical Free / Organic
  • Ethically Produced
  • Gluten Free
  • Local Produce
  • Vegetarian

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Cutest little cafe with organic, gluten free and vegetarian options like the falafel wrap, good coffee and juices in a beautiful location.

Closed During Winter

Opening Hours
  • Monday – 0800 - 1600
  • Tuesday – 0800 - 1600
  • Wednesday – 0800 - 1600
  • Thursday – 0800 - 1600
  • Friday – 0800 - 1600
  • Saturday – 0800 - 1600
  • Sunday – 0800 - 1600

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Customer Reviews

2.3 ThomasK


Friday, March 23, 2018


I stopped in with a friend for what I thought would be a quick meal before heading to the beach at Aireys Inlet for the afternoon. PLOT TWIST: I was there for over an hour. From the outset, our plan was to eat something from the counter display/fridge to reduce waiting time as much as possible, so we opted for a vegetable frittata, which - unbeknownst to me - takes about 40 minutes to heat up and serve with some pre-prepared side-salad.

When the waitress FINALLY came around with our food she began to profusely apologise before we could even say thank you, and so we figured that she may have forgotten our order temporarily, hence the extended wait time. I figured I would let it slide, given we were hungry and our warm food had arrived at least. My friend then cuts into her slice of the frittata and finds 3-4 cm of what I would eventually discover to be a 5-6 cm long hair poking out. NOT GOOD. VERY BAD.

I asked to speak to 'Mr. T' (if that was his REAL name), and I explained to him that there was a black hair sticking out of the half-eaten frittata slice. First he said that he had cooked the frittata himself, before denying that there was a hair in my friend's slice at all, so I pointed it out to him. He then STUCK HIS FINGERS into the frittata, pulled the single strand of HUMAN hair out, threw it on the floor, and said "Oh, that's just a fibre." REALLY. Last time I checked, fibres of ANY sort weren't widely accepted as common ingredients for a frittata, let alone hair. I said "No. It was CLEARLY hair." He then tried convince me that there was nothing in the frittata at all, to which I promptly replied "..because you just pulled it out and got rid of it." *sigh*

As you can imagine, my frustration grew at this point, so I began to mention the unreasonable wait time, and how our waitress was all of a sudden apologetic when serving our food, and by this point a few people eating at the front of the cafe had noticed the mildly heated discussion we were having. He then quickly cut me off, offered us our money back to which I diplomatically suggested a refund of the 'hair' meal only; $16.50. We left quickly, and we won't be back.

These days there's a good sized 'slice' of the internet that consists of 'review' sites, and much like the hair found in the slice of frittata at 'Mr. T and Me', I'm sure this review will be found in many of the review sites out there.

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