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8.0 Serivce
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Bread and Circus


21 Fountain Street, Alexandria NSW 2015 Australia

  • Chemical Free / Organic
  • Ethically Produced
  • Gluten Free
  • Local Produce
  • Reduced Food Waste / Composting
  • Reduced Plastics
  • Vegetarian

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Sit down at the communal recycled timber benches and munch on vegetarian salads made with permaculture in mind. Free range chicken and free range eggs and if you have the room try conscious chocolate – raw, organic, handmade, and gluten free. There are vegetables and herbs everywhere. It is super busy so either pre order or prepare to wait in line. Its worth it, trust me.

Vegetarian-friendly salads that you can mix and match on an enormous sharing plate, but if your hunger stops short of voracious, the regular size easily feeds two. The wintry eggplant and capsicum option has more in common with a ratatouille than your garden-variety salad and is a little wet for us. Garlicky fronds of roast fennel with couscous are a better bet and help absorb some of the excess moisture on the plate. The zucchini and kale salad with parmesan gets our vote, especially when livened up with a side of poached, organic chicken. Don’t eat meat? Try some tangy goat’s cheese or boiled, biodynamic eggs instead.

If you’re fond of free-range, partial to permaculture and generally just a big ol’ fan of things like quinoa and buckwheat, then you can’t go wrong at Bread and Circus. With toast coming in at seven bucks a pop, it won’t be the cheapest breakfast you’ve ever had, but we’re thinking it’s likely to be one of the most conscientiously nutritious and down-right ethical meals you’ll eat this year.

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Opening Hours
  • Monday – 0700 - 1500
  • Tuesday – 0700 - 1500
  • Wednesday – 0700 - 1500
  • Thursday – 0700 - 1500
  • Friday – 0700 - 1500
  • Saturday – 0700 - 1600
  • Sunday – 0700 - 1600

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Customer Reviews

8.3 Paul


Sunday, November 22, 2015


Beautiful food, organic, free range and ethical food choices. Vegetables and herbs decorating the light and airy space. Communal tables great for starting a conversation with someone. Either pre order or line up though this place is busy.

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