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Fair Food Forager doesn't list just any food business. The businesses we list are very special. Why? Because they are doing more than just selling great food and produce, they are changing the world. 

And that is the reason why we at Fair Food Forager think it is only "fair" that more people should know about them.  Not only do these businesses selling ethical & sustainable food deserve to succeed, we, all of us on this planet, need them to succeed. Ethical, sustainable food must become everyone's first choice and it must challenge the convenience of 'crap' food.

And what better way to do that than with an intuitive app and a network of passionate users like you! So, get yourself registered and tell your friends to check out your Fair Food Forager listing(s) and post a comment/review.

And remember... "Don't eat crap, USE the app"

Happy Foraging. 

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Please note:

Check the terms at the bottom of the site. There is "Forager Law", a few things that listed businesses need to be doing. They don't have to be perfect or sustainability gurus, they just have to be trying really.