Our Vision...

To change the way the world eats by assisting you with your everyday ethical food decisions. Making it easier to choose better & support the businesses who care.

                                                                       We do the research so you don't have to. Seeking out tasty, healthy and responsible produce and meals.

                                                                                                   A sustainable food system is achievable, all we have to do is work together.


                                                                                       The People

Paul Hellier Paul Hellier Founder

Let's connect with nature, take responsibility for its protection and make better choices in the way we consume. "Many small actions, equal major change".

Peter Bradbury Peter Bradbury Head Forager - Partnerships

An optimist, who believes that arming people with options and information, will encourage the right choices. The power of words can implement change.

Cindy Cai Cindy Cai Seed Sower - Social

A flare for design, creativity, and loves to get her hands dirty on anything that connects people.

Amy Thompson Amy Thompson Cultivating Stories - Digital

A keen eye for a good story and a passion to connect over food. Growing the conversation on sustainability and ethics in the food we eat.

Brittany Dahl Brittany Dahl Australian Ambassador / Writer

Loves maps and understanding the geographic basis of sustainable food systems. Looking to tech that connects community to sustainable choices.

Shane Jordan Shane Jordan United Kingdom Ambassador

A vegetarian chef and author, inspiring people to think twice about the amount of food they throw away, helping them cook their way to healthy waste free food.

Elle Oshan Elle Oshan Australian Ambassador / Writer

Eats healthy, lives healthy, thinks healthy. Elle is living proof that caring for our fellow creatures is good for the soul.

Katrina Ginnivan Katrina Ginnivan Foraging Relationships

A North-East Victorian and proud, passionate about health, sustainability and experiencing food and wine from all over, including your town.

Rouana Barber Rouana Barber Forager

A Naturopath / Nutritionist on a mission to improve our relationship with food. Passionate about community supported agriculture and combating food waste.

Dayna Ortner Dayna Ortner Harvester / Branding and Content

Loves to travel, forage for food and create ethical meals with what ever is available. A keen eye for detail and can spot a spelling mistake a mile away.

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